7 reasons to catch The Heart of Christmas

Can you believe it? Christmas is just round the corner. In usual years (pre-pandemic), many will be heading for holidays in different parts of world. The malls would be filled and buildings all decked and lit up for the season. People celebrating the occasion will shop for gifts, put up the Christmas tree in their homes and prepare feasts for their family and friends.

In Singapore, Christmas has often been associated with shopping, eating and giving or exchanging of gifts. While COVID-19 restrictions will tamper the celebration, the message of Christmas remains clear and strong. It’s a message of love and hope. Not the hope of receiving something from Santa but a greater gift that is mentioned in the bible.

The manger scene depicting the birth of Jesus will be reenacted in churches and even homes around the island. And what a right reminder it is because Christ is the reason for the season. Before his appearance, there was no such day as Christmas. While I am thankful for the holiday, I am even more grateful for what God has done and given to us.

I’m glad that this year, a church in Singapore is putting together a presentation called The Heart of Christmas. Trinity Christian Centre is no stranger to Singaporeans during this time of the year, having staged large events such as the much talked about Singing Christmas Tree at Orchard Road in the 1980s.

Instead of a large live cast, this year’s presentation will be a combination of a 70-strong virtual choir with live singers and musicians, and a locally-produced PG-rated movie entitled Your Love is Enough, Part 2, starring Gurmit Singh (the one and only Phua Chu Kang). Gurmit takes on the lead role of Alvin, a father who attempts to rebuild his relationship with his daughter after his release from prison.

Here are seven reasons why it is an event worth going to if you are in Singapore:

  1. It is Christmas. Come on, it’s supposed to be a joyful occasion. Instead of staying at home or hanging out at the mall, how about going and soaking in a vibrant atmosphere of love and hope?
  2. Attend a big event. The pandemic has resulted in canned or compressed events overthe past two years. This is a chance to get out and be part of a large event. Life must surely return to normal at some point. Make this the start.
  3. Join in the carols. OK, not really singing because of pandemic restrictions but nodding, tapping or dancing as the carollers sing. Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without carolling.
  4. Support local. Be a sport and support local talents. Gurmit and the bulk of the cast are locals.
  5. Two venues. You have a choice. The nine shows will be held at two venues Trinity@Paya Lebar at 247 Paya Lebar Road from December 17 to 24 (except December 19) and CHIJMES on December 24.
  6. It’s free. You don’t have to pay for a ticket. Just book your free seats via SMS (see here for details). Better yet, bring your family members along, especially those who have yet to experience the true meaning of Christmas.
  7. Go for supper. I just had to add this in. After the show, you can go for a hearty meal together, catch up and exchange presents. What a perfect excuse for a night out!

In case you need more convincing, the movie trailers and more details can be found at https://linktr.ee/TrinityChristmas21.

May your Christmas be filled with joy, hope and tons of laughter!

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