Does the issue of having multiple cables annoy you?

Word has it that the European Union is looking to standardize charging ports to USB-C – and if you think about it, it is about time that manufacturers start looking at this problem.

Aside from the annoying number of cables we all keep and maintain – iPhone lightning cable, USB-C, micro-USB, the need for many cables also causes unnecessary waste.

Such a move will probably be great for us because –

  1. It solves the issue of multiple cables

    I own Bluetooth earphones that use both the micro-USB and lightning cables, an iPad that uses the lightning cable, and my MacBook that uses the USB-C cable. The inconsistencies by manufacturers, while it creates a new complementary market for them every time a new product is sold, make it hard for users like us to keep track on the number of cables we have.

  2. We can get better quality cables instead of buying multiple cheaper alternatives

    If you’re like me, you’d tend to want to buy less costly cables because of the many number of cables needed. However, standardising would mean being able to buy better quality USB-C cables. It’s probably worth the investment because I’d know that it’d last longer and can be used across multiple devices.

But is this really a good move?

  1. It may deter companies from entering the European Markets till they resolve the issue, especially if it becomes a law.

    Ensuring that product designs adhere to this law may interfere with a company’s design process. Unless a product is designed in a way that adheres to it, the product may not even be launched in the European Markets.

  2. Companies may eventually stop providing cables.

    Apple decided that giving charging ports were unnecessary and only provided cables when purchasing iPhones/iPads/AirPods. Standardizing this will eventually cause large companies to use this justification to not even provide cables in the future – another way to monetize the ‘cable’ industry.

Regardless of the outcome, I believe that it is a good step – it allows us to be less wasteful and also makes cable purchase easier. No more bringing the wrong cables out!

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