In search of cakes

The so irresitible Lady M cakes — original (left) and salted caramel (right)

Cakes have a way of invoking that oh, so good feeling. Once the staple of birthdays and other celebrations, they have become the go-to dessert for any occasion.

In Singapore, we’ve been so blessed by the variety of cakes available — from local bakeries to renowned global cake shops. There’s something for every cake craving, whether it’s Bengawan Solo’s kueh lapis or Lady M’s crepe cakes, which are simply to die for.

Since the circuit breaker measures were put in place, it’s been a frantic search for cakes. And I discovered that I was not alone. “Cake” is the most searched word on, seemingly more important than “Mask”, which came in 4th.. “Cake delivery” is at number 6.

Cake is the most searched word in with cake delivery also featuring in the list.

Before I dive any further, this article is NOT about where you can find cakes in Singapore at this point in time. It’s about how we’re yearning for cakes and the last few that we had.

Just prior to the closures, my family and I managed to sink our teeth into a couple of slices of Lady M‘s Mille Crepes (see photo at top). I consider it the western version of Bengawan Solo’s kueh lapis. The crepe cake is rich without being overpowering. Though there are a few types, my favourite is the original, which feature about 20 paper-thin handmade crepes layered with light pastry cream.

Layers of creamy goodies (Source: Lady M)

When all dine-in outlets were closed, we spotted a Bengawan Solo outlet that was open at Jewel and snagged a Chocolate Hazelnut cake. Coated with a layer of chocolate with buttercream in between, this cake is great for any occasion. We still miss the store’s Chocolate Gateau which is no longer available but remains one of our all-time favourites.

Great for any occasion (Source: Bengawan Solo)

Another that I managed to get online was Secret Recipe‘s Chocolate Indulgence. This cake deserves a five-star rating for value for money for its size and height. Underneath its Belgian chocolate coating are layers of milk and white chocolate filling.

Layers of chocalate decadence (Source: Secret Recipe)

When D-Day (all cake shops to close) arrived, it was a case of desperation setting in. Since no standalone cake shop was supposed to be open, I went online and discoverd Whyzee still had some cakes available plus free delivery for orders above S$80. Shortly after the order was placed, the Chocolate Desire and Tiramisu cakes (why order one when you can have two) was delivered to my place. The cakes are small but dense and rich.

Super quick delivery (Source: Whyzee)

Our final cake for this season came from Four Leaves. And surprisingly, it was discovered during a quick grocery run to Parkway Parade. One of my daughters loves its Coco Exotic cake, which has a layer of feuilletine at its base. This is our last for the season, which we hope will end soon.

Our final cake for this season (hope it ends soon!)

So, over a period of just a few weeks, we have enjoyed some of our favourite cakes.

My search for cakes has ended — for now. As all cake shops and factories have shuttered, whatever is available was made weeks ago so it’s not fresh anymore.

I’ll have to wait for the cake shop closure measure to be lifted, which hopefully is next week.

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