The many wonders of the Great Ocean Road

Apart from the 12 Apostle Gourmet Trail, the Great Ocean Road is also known for its many scenic and picturesque sights! On my recent trip to Melbourne, Australia, we dropped by a couple of stops along it to enjoy the many wonders!

Our first scenic stop along the Great Ocean Road was The Grotto. A five-minute ride from our accommodation at Peterborough, The Grotto showcases a small open cave that looks into the ocean. The return journey from the carpark to The Grotto, steps included, is about 750 metre. It is definitely worth the walk down the steps as the base of it lies a stunning view of the ocean – it is as though you’re looking into the ocean with a natural photo frame!

The Grotto

The London Bridge was our next stop which was just another five-minute drive away. This single bridge view used to be a double-spanning bridge which linked to the mainland but the connecting surface linking to the mainland collapsed in 15 January 1990 – a good 30 years ago. What used to be a full stack now remains a bridge, with the centre portion of the base being eroded over the years. The return trip from the carpark to the attraction is less than 500 metres and the view is worth the short walk!

The London Bridge

Our third scenic stop was the Loch Ard Gorge. With four trails to choose from, my family and I went for the easiest trail where we overlooked The Razorback – a very large limestone stack with sharp edges and bumps on the surface. The lower section of it is, however, very smooth as it has been well-eroded by the waves that come in every 14 seconds, over a period of about a thousand years. With its straight and smooth top section, it actually looks like a very flat-surfaced cement block!

The Razorback (Loch Ard Gorge)

Our final scenic stop along the Great Ocean Road was the Twelve Apostles. Having been here a good 11 years ago, walking back here brought back memories! Some of these limestone monuments have stood the test of time and remained, but some have since collapsed, the most recent collapse of one was in 2005. The return walk from the carpark to the viewing point is around 700 metres, with the option of walking a little further for an even better view. This attraction also has a small kiosk which sells coffee and collectibles.


Driving along the Great Ocean Road brought back many memories, and it is no wonder how this coastal road welcomes more than 1.2 million visitors annually.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travellers are advised against visiting these national parks and attractions, and the 12 Apostles attraction is among the list of attractions that have been closed till further notice.

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