Why I like my Google Chromecast

With the increasing trend of utilising subscription-based streaming services, including Spotify and Netflix, I realised that our reliance on it is also because we have technology (devices) that truly support it at home. One such technology which was once less-utilised, the Google Chromecast, is something I’d like to talk about today as it is a game-changer. 

Google Chromecast dongle (first generation)

For those with Smart TVs at home, the in-built software often comes with access to Netflix, YouTube and more – but the Google Chromecast is able to turn a simple monitor into a Smart TV easily, without having to purchase an expensive Smart TV!

The Google Chromecast is wonderful for the following reasons: 

Easy mirroring: It provides easy mirroring of one’s phone screen on a monitor or television. For many, mobile phones are the main gadget they rely on as compared to a desktop, and these gadgets are often relatively small. Hence, the ability to mirror content off a smartphone on to a screen is ideal. From photo displays, to even utilising your monitor as a larger screen to work, the Google Chromecast provides one the ability to do that. 

Netflix casting made easy

Great compatibility: It is compatible with various subscription-based streaming services like Spotify and Netflix. This compatibility allows stable streaming capabilities, allowing one to easily cast content from their mobile devices on to the monitor or TV that has the Google Chromecast. This feature is different to mirroring as the casting capability allows one to cast content and streaming is from the Google Chromecast itself and one can easily still use your mobile phone where not all content is casted. 

Google Chromecast supports YouTube

Simple casting: For non-paid applications such as YouTube, the Google Chromecast allows one to easily play content from YouTube, for a quick and accessible way of entertainment. With the YouTube mobile application, one can also easily add videos to queues that helps users schedule favourite content in a playlist for constant viewing. 

Picture perfect: The Google Chromecast can also turn your monitor into a live photo frame where photos can appear in montages or via Google Slides (like a PowerPoint presentation). With this, it allows non-static content to appear at a timely manner on the monitor. 

Highly portable: Most importantly, the Google Chromecast is very portable and easy to set-up. With stable Wi-Fi connectivity, and a monitor with a HDMI port, the Chromecast can be easily set-up to allow all users who are hooked on the same network to fully utilise it. Newer versions of the Chromecast also support game viewing, increasing the level of entertainment for these users. 

Do you own a Chromecast? If you don’t, you can get the third generation of the Google Chromecast from the Google store at an affordable price of S$65. Here’s to turning your simple monitor to a Smart TV easily!

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