Travel YouTubers in the Spotlight!

Ever travelled and wondered where to start searching for content to plan your trip? In many of my other posts, I’ve often discussed travel and booking platforms, including tips which I gather from other traveller’s itineraries. However, there is a platform that I often look at – the good ol’ YouTube.

Content creators have made traveling a lot more visual. With more than just photos, these travel video logs (aka vlogs) provide tips and a good snapshot of a country or attraction that you intend to visit. 

Here are three of my must-watch YouTube channels –

Kyung6Film – Global Travel Vlogs

Kyung6Film’s YouTube Channel

A Korean content creator that create visually aesthetic videos and has amazing editing. It is evident that they do their homework before traveling to a place as they provide insights to some of the places that they head to. Not all their videos have English subtitles but many do not have voice-overs – just videos of the places. Here’s one of their videos which introduced Singapore – if I worked for the Singapore Tourism Board, I would certainly pay this vlogger for this wonderful feature!

欸你這週要幹嘛 (Ariel’s Travel Vlogs) – Global Travel Vlogs

欸你這週要幹嘛 ‘s YouTube Channel

A Taiwanese content creator, Ariel vlogs her trips with her friends and family and often provides many tips on the different places she visits. Her content is very family and friend-centric which exudes a friendly and positive vibe when watched – a warm, fuzzy feeling which many travel vlogs do not show. With a rise in popularity and of course, business opportunities, Ariel is upfront whenever a trip is sponsored or when she’s gifted something, which makes her seem very approachable as well. I’m often tickled by her honest opinions and enjoy her regular vlogs. Here’s one of her travel vlogs to Turkey! *Do note that her vlogs are in mandarin. 

KimDao – Japan Travel Vlogs

Kimdao’s YouTube Channel

An Australian content creator, KimDao is known for her Japan travel tips and shopping hauls. What caught my eye about this vlogger is that you can see the effort she takes in creating her list of recommended places. Take for example her 100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide video. This video was filmed over a series of countless trips to Japan and is a very good guide for someone who is planning a trip there! Her latest video (NO TOKYO!) 100 THINGS You MUST DO in JAPAN 🇯🇵 | Japan Travel Guide also provides travelers a glimpse of a different Japan and a highlight of what you can see outside of the major cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. 

Did you know? It’s been said that it takes at least an hour (for a pretty experienced video editor) to edit a minute of video content so I really do appreciate the effort these content creators put in!

Now, which other YouTube channels would you recommend, and why?

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