Free Work/Study Spaces in Singapore

Cafes have always been a hide-out for students, and working adults alike for the space to study and work. However, there has been an increasing concern on how businesses are suffering as a result of space usage within cafes with just a single purchase made by these users.

Measures that have been taken include loud (deafening) music, darker areas and even limited Wi-Fi (in 30 min log in periods) and some of these have proven to be pretty successful. However, larger establishments like Starbucks seem to be taking it in their stride by not ‘forcing’ patrons out of their places but instead sticking stickers on all of its tables:

Starbucks x Singapore Kindness Movement

This is a pretty unique way of just encouraging users and I’m honestly all for it. I just found it odd how they should also print a ‘Please clean up after yourself” message together as that advocates kindness as well.

So where are some places where you can get free Wi-Fi and power plugs for the juice to your devices? Here are three FREE places you can study at:

Our Tampines Hub

Opened in 2016, Our Tampines Hub is home to the Tampines Stadium, Tampines Regional Library, and many other facilities. This seven-storey establishment also has many, and I really do mean many, places where one can work and study.

From air-conditioned seating areas to sheltered areas, there are many pockets of canteen-like tables with power plugs nearby. I’ve personally been there in the afternoon and late at night, and on both occasions, many students and adults alike can be seen working hard here.

If you’d like to score an air-conditioned place, you may want to come slightly earlier as these are the more popular spots.

National Libraries

The National Library Board has multiple libraries scattered across Singapore. These locations are popular among students and adults alike because of the free air-conditioning and quiet surroundings they boast.

One such library I’d like to recommend is the brand new library at Vivo City. Spots are limited but once you’ve secured one, you’ll enjoy it as it has a pretty good view to it!

Sengkang Community Centre

Study Area

With the free food and drinks for students, this lecture-like space allows students to study, with both power plugs and Wi-Fi available!

Workspace @ Sengkang CC

Working adults can also make use of Workspace@Sengkang CC which offers private meeting rooms for free – on a first come first serve basis. It also provides coffee and snacks. Learn more here.

Final thoughts

It’s fun to work and study in different environments at times, but let’s all strive to be considerate users of public spaces!

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