A speaker that appeals to both the ears and eyes

The retro-inspired Mao Wang Little Prince Radio is not new to the market but has continually been gaining popularity in China and overseas alike. Three of the main reasons why many consumers are attracted to it (myself included!) are as follows:


This speaker doubles up as a radio and a speaker. The radio is controlled with a dial to give that retro feel and is pretty accurate and clear when changing stations. The dial, while small, is easy to turn and is convenient for tuning.

The speaker can be used via Aux-in or Bluetooth which is easy to pair to both mobile and laptop. Indicative lights on connectivity is also present, providing ease while pairing.

Quality audio

For a compact speaker, the audio is very impressive. It produces a rich bass sound and can be rather loud, with music easily surrounding a room. This radio is good for indoor usage but probably not in a loud and outdoor setting.

Design and Packaging

The main reason why this speaker is so appealing is definitely because of the design of the radio.

With its sleek, small body, it packs features that can be utilized on a daily basis for most consumers. This sturdy and weighted speaker has only three dials which makes the overall user experience friendly and intuitive. The indicative lights on showing whether your speaker has successfully connected, pending connection, good radio connection and battery warnings are also very useful.

The speaker is packed in a mini retro-luggage-bag box, with little pamphlets and stickers within the box.

The retro-inspired Mao Wang Little Prince Radio has a mid-price tag to it but the overall look and feel, coupled with the quality audio makes this a worthy purchase.

You can purchase this in many colors on Tmall here.

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