Credit card payment makes Sydney commuting so easy

IMG_20190516_131505.jpgOne of the the biggest joy of my trip to Sydney was the discovery that I could use the credit card to pay for public transportation.

There’s no need to buy and top up an Opal card. The contactless credit card works perfectly.

Why didn’t they think of this earlier? OK, kudos to Sydney but why not in all major cities in the world? This makes taking public transportation so much easier, especially for travellers.


I only got to know of this payment method when I wanted to take a ferry to Darling Harbour last week. My Sydney friend said that I could just tap my credit card.

It seems like this feature was introduced last November and is available for all public transportation — light rail, train and ferry. This will be expanded to buses this year.

Having enjoyed the convenience, I’m so glad that Singapore will be implementing contactless card payment using Visa card for train and bus fares from June 6. Mastercard payments have been available since April.


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