Embark on The Rubylicious Adventure

IMG_20190411_110425_146.jpgWhat is The Rubylicious Adventure? It’s not quite Charlie and the chocolate factory but it does entail a tour, a very interesting and lip smacking one at that. The tour is to a series of food and beverage (F&B) establishments that have innovative creations based on ruby chocolate — the fourth chocolate in the world, after dark, milk and white.

Incidentally, ruby chocolate is the first chocolate to be discovered after 80 years! Its colour is a natural pink and the taste is fruity with fresh, sour notes.

IMG_20190402_141531This explains the mystery box in my previous post. It was an invitation to a sneak media preview of this specially curate experience of everything ruby. The Rubylicious Adventure is food distributor FoodXervices Inc’s way of launching the Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate ruby RB1 in Singapore.

Our journey took us to three outlets in the morning and another three in the afternoon.

First up was Plentyfull at Millenia Walk where Chef Ivan demonstrated how the Ruby Foie Gras Parfait on Herb Waffle is made. I never thought that chocolate can mix with savoury stuff as the concoction was ruby chocolate infused duck liver parfait on kale and chive waffle.

Plentyfull’s Ruby Foie Gras Parfait on Herb Waffle

Next, we walked to nearby Patisserie G, which came up with two interesting dishes:  Rubyrazz is a marriage of raspberry ruby mousse and a tangy yuzu curd in a praline while Bashful Bunny, a rabbit-shaped combination of ruby and dark chocolate was created to celebrate Easter.


Rubyrazz felt so milky rich and the yuzu curd within makes such a delightful combination.


Bashful Bunny was still wrapped in its plastic bag so it makes a great gift for Easter.

The final stop for the morning run was Lamb Cupcakery at Marina Bay Link Mall. Here, the owner Beatrice showed us a mouth watering tray of Ruby Red Velvet — classic red velvet cupcake topped with ruby chocolate cream and sparkling raspberry.


Priced at S$6.50, this cupcake is so chocolatey and worth every bite. Remember to have a cup of water handy to clear the throat after indulging in this.

Lamb Cupcakery’s Ruby Red Velvet cupcake.

The afternoon tour took us a little further with the first stop at Tanuki Raw at kapok along Middle Road. Rubykawa is crispy chicken skin tempura layered with seaweed and coated with ruby chocolate and raspberry.


At first glance, it looked like pink bak kwa. But, on closer examination, the ruby chocolate coating was obvious. Sprinkle it with sea salt and it becomes a tasty combination of sweet, sour and salty, making it a good dessert or snack.


IMG_20190411_162927.jpgOrchard Road was next with our destination The Dark Gallery at Takashimaya.

Here’s where we tried out Ruby Art, dark chocolate ice cream covered with ruby, and Pastel Gems (right), bonbons in three flavours using ruby chocolate.

By now, we had a good understanding of how ruby works. As it is sweet and sour, the concoctions added other tastes in order to temper the sweetness.

In this instance, dark chocolate was used to add a bit of bitterness to neutralise the sweetness.

The Dark Gallery’s Ruby Art

IMG_20190411_174049.jpgThe final destination was Neon Pigeon at Keong Saik Road.

As it’s a night joint, the pub had to open earlier just for us. Its creation is simply called Rubi (below), ruby chocolate infused, sake-based cocktail paired with a light ruby chocolate mousse dessert (right).


For some, it marked a good ending to the day. My ruby chocolate tasting ended at The Dark Gallery where Ruby Art with its dark chocolate ice cream provided the perfect finish.

Tickets for The Rubylicious Adventure are available from today till May 24, 2019 for purchase at http://foodxervices.com/rubylicious/. Priced at S$120 (inclusive of GST), each ticket covers an item each for the entire experience. Buy two tickets at S$220 and four tickets for S$400. Redemption period is from April 18 to May 31, 2019.

With Mother’s Day round the corner, it’s a thoughtful gift to bring your mum to sample the newest chocolate in the world. You don’t need to do everything in one day — it will be an overdose and over-indulgence.

Spread the experience over a few weeks. After all, the redemption period ends on May 31. Enjoy The Rubylicious Adventure!

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