New hangout at Changi Airport T3

IMG_20190303_201714.jpgFootball fans, rejoice! There’s a new place to catch your team live — at The ST3PS at Changi Airport Terminal 3. Best of all, it’s in the public area so you can rally your folks and watch there if you’re staying in the eastern part of Singapore.

My family discovered this new hangout when we went for a stroll around Terminal 3 after breakfast on March 2. The area was cordoned off for its opening ceremony that evening.  A band was setting up their instruments in preparation of the concert that night.


Thanks to the kindness of the team there, we were able to get behind the barricade for a closer look and to take some shots. According to the team, the place is available for booking through Changi Airport Group.

It certainly looks like an interesting venue if your event is open for public viewing and not something you want to do behind closed doors. The natural lighting from the roof of T3 makes the place nice and bright.

IMG_20190302_114514.jpgBack to watching football, if you’re catching a match there, there’s plenty of food options for meals, including Yakun for coffee and toast, and snacks are just steps away at NTUC Finest.

Well done, Changi Airport Group! Now I have one more reason to visit T3.




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