In 7th Heaven!

7th Heaven entranceWhat do pulled pork burger, laksa pasta, waffles with ice cream, and karaoke have in common? Well, you can find all these at 7th Heaven KTV and Cafe.

Located at Safra Tampines, this eatery cum karaoke lounge is an interesting discovery in the eastern part of Singapore.

Take a lift or walk up the stairs to level 3 and you will find 7th Heaven and the bowling alley. Makes great sense as its a great place to unwind and chill after a round of bowling. The place is huge by most standards. There are areas for dining and karaoke as well as a pool table and TV screens to watch football, particularly important in this World Cup season.

The food is more western oriented and a little on the fusion side, such as laksa pasta.

A group of friends and I were there for a gathering and we tried several items on the menu. The pulled pork burger and laksa pasta were well received while some of us opted for the thin-crust pizza which is good for one or two persons.

7th Heaven.jpg

I also tried the waffle with a scoop of Ferrero ice cream, on the recommendation of Shermain Pea, the trendy young owner who is big on social cause and going green. This explains why the drink straws were made of metal instead of plastic.

7th Heaven KTV and Cafe has 15 karaoke rooms of various sizes. Our group of more than 20 fit nicely into the biggest room which has plenty of space for dancing to the music is one pleases.

Each room is equipped with a sofa, round chairs, small serving tables, and a karaoke system that everyone can control from their smartphone.

This is certainly going to be a go-to place for me for a quiet meal with family and friends while having a chillax time of singing our hearts out like we’re in heaven — 7th Heaven!


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