Keep cool with Solove fan

Solove fanComing from a country with only two seasons — rain or no rain — the weather is relatively hot throughout the year. How I’ve always craved for cooler weather.

In Singapore, it’s winter indoor and summer outdoor. The air conditioner keeps us cool in the home and office.

However, with global warming and rising cost of electricity, that may not always be the best alternative, especially when at home.

That’s why I appreciate the Solove N-9 portable fan. The USB-chargeable device keeps me cool while working on the computer.

The truth is that I’m not a fan (hahaha!) of portable fans. I’ve always found them to be poorly made, noisy and impractical — most don’t generate enough wind.

But the Solove fan changed my mind with its ease of use, looks and power.

Here’s why I like this fan:

  1. Powerful: It packs quite a breeze on even the hottest day. The fan comes in three speeds though I seldom need to go beyond the first level.
  2. Sturdy: A base gives the fan stability when placed on flat surfaces. The fan can also be removed from the base and is light enough to be hand carried without straining the wrist.
  3. USB charging: Charging is a breeze (pun intended). All it takes is to stick the USB cable to the computer or a power point and the fan is charged while being used.

If you’re keen on getting one, check out this link.



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