Palladium World: Underrated but a gem in its own right


In a city with so many shopping malls, it’s understandable why Palladium World does not ring a bell. The mall is diagonally across the road from the world famous Platinum Fashion Mall.

It’s hard to fathom why the mall is not drawing more crowd especially as it’s connected to The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, a huge hotel with great conference facilities.

But, a look at the stores the mall inside show that they can compete with their more illustrious neighbour in terms of pricing and offerings. OK, there aren’t as many stores but there are enough to keep most happy.

Besides stores selling clothes, accessories and souvenirs, there are also many massage parlours where shoppers can take a short breather, be massaged and recharged for another round.

The top few levels are filled with IT shops selling computers, gadgets and lots of IT and phone accessories.

What I like about Palladium:

  1. Space: The corridors are wide enough to walk without having to rub shoulders with others.
  2. Shops: There are enough stores here to keep me occupied for a few hours.
  3. Smaller crowd: Don’t think this is good for the mall as a whole but I enjoyed the ability to move around easily without having to be rushed.

The one area of improvement is the food option. The food court in the basement has limited offerings and doesn’t look appealing.

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