Picard cross-body bag: Perfect for travel

Picard cross-body bagBackpack? Sling bag? Cross-body bag? Picard calls it a mobile backpack and I simply love it!

I’ve been looking for a compact bag to bring with me on my travels. My criteria were:

  1. Decent price point
  2. Compact
  3. Stylish
  4. Usable and easily accessible pockets
  5. Hidden pockets
  6. Nylon zip

The compact and stylish Picard mobile backpack ticks all the right boxes. The price point was great because BHG was offering 30 percent off all men’s items.

As a frequent traveller, I appreciate the conveniently located pockets where I can stuff my necessities such as passport, boarding pass and credit cards.

Why nylon zip? I have dry skin which means that I can get cut easily. A nylon zip is kinder to the skin than the metal version which has been known to slice my flesh.

I brought the bag with me on my recent trip to the Philippines and it went everywhere with me.

On the plane, it takes up just a little space under the seat, leaving room to stretch my legs. It was also stuffed with a water bottle, snacks and a book without looking bloated.

While in the Philippines, I had to open my bag for security check whenever I enter a building — hotel or mall. All it takes is just a swivel to bring the bag from back to front and voila, the main zip can be easily opened for checking.

Verdict: This bag is perfect for travel.

You may get it at Picard Singapore or wait for another BHG sale.


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