Nice touch, Cotton On

Cotton On.jpgThe order took a week to arrive — a little too long and a test of patience considering that this was a local order made on November 11 (Singles Day Sale).

However, when it did, the packaging managed to temper the disappointment a little. “Someone’s got good taste” sits really well with me, and I’m sure, with many others too.

Cotton On Drake JoggersInside were three pairs of Customised Drake Joggers, the most comfortable pants that I’ve worn in a long time.

I bought them in three colours — street grey, brushed copper and washed dusty (faded blue) — to complement the few pairs that I already own.

My first encounter with this jogger pants was during a trip to Melbourne earlier this year. I wanted a comfortable pair of pants to wear on board the flight back.

After checking out various options, the joggers felt really cool and relaxed without looking too sloppy. It made the nearly eight-hour trip such a breeze. With its subtle drop crotch and elastic ankle cuffs, sitting and even moving around the plane was such a pleasure.

I’ve since worn it for many different occasions and it’s become my go-to pants whenever a pair of berms or shorts is not deemed suitable.

Why I like it:

  1. Drop crotch cut: :Lots of space for movement.
  2. Slim leg fit: Makes me look slimmer (definite plus).
  3. Elastic angle cuffs: A sense of snugness without feeling too tightly bound.
  4. Versatile usage: Can use for many ocassions
  5. Elastic waist band: Room for growth (hopefully not needed but good to have the option).

If you’re keen, you may get it from Cotton On online or pop in to one of their many shops to try a pair on.


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