Belt me up!

Auto belt bucketIt’s been said that suspenders are better than belts because two are better than one. But for me, suspenders somehow don’t fit well so I’m more of a belt person.

One of the biggest pains of using a belt is the belt hole. It’s a tell-tale sign of one’s waist size!

Auto belt strapHence, I was intrigued when I heard about the auto-lock belt where there is a row of grooves (above) at the back of the strap instead of a row of holes.

Though I spotted many online and in stores over the past couple of years, the price was higher than what I was prepared to pay.

The breakthrough came last Saturday at a private sale at BHG Singapore where everything was going for 30 percent off. When I reached the men’s section, the hourly special just started. “S$19! Every belt in these three racks is at $19 each. Genuine leather belts, auto lock belts…,” bellowed the promoter.

I made a beeline to the racks and walked away with three auto lock belts.

When I reached home, I tried putting on the belt and it fitted really well. Then, horror of horrors!

Auto belt bottomI thought I knew how to unbuckle the belt — after all, I was used to auto lock canvas belts. But, the latest buckle works differently. There’s a little release latch at the bottom (right, circled). And how did I know? Let’s just say, “Thank you, YouTube!”.

After a weekend of using it, I certainly like my latest buy because…

  1. It is flexible — giving me room to grow and shrink (it happens sometimes) without obvious tell-tale signs.
  2. It is affordable — At S$19, albeit at a sale, it’s a steal.
  3. It looks great — The absence of belt holes give an overall seamless look.

A quick check over the Internet revealed that the auto belt can be had for under US$20 from several listings on Amazon, one of which is here. What’s best is that there’s a video clip to show how to unbuckle the belt so you won’t have to face the same cold sweat moments as me.

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