Review: Huawei P50 Pocket Premium Edition

The Huawei P50 pocket was released on January 22 in Singapore and many have since drawn a comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Flip3 phone which sports a similar size and design. But what makes this phone stand out? Huawei P50 […]

Review: OPPO Reno7 Pro 5G

Announced in November 2021 and officially available in Singapore from January 15, 2022, the OPPO Reno7 Pro 5G phone is OPPO’s latest mobile phone from the Reno series on the market. The phone is visually very appealing – the Startails […]

Popcorn for (almost) all tastes

Think of popcorn and I think of going to the cinema. Popcorn plus drink and watching a movie go hand in hand. And it conjures a happy feeling because it means a time of relaxation, being entertained and indulging in […]

7 reasons to catch The Heart of Christmas

Can you believe it? Christmas is just round the corner. In usual years (pre-pandemic), many will be heading for holidays in different parts of world. The malls would be filled and buildings all decked and lit up for the season. […]

What customer service?

Customer service is so important to retain customers and attract new ones. Yet, while many companies espouse customer service, few really do it well, preferring to outsource to third parties in lower-cost countries or leveraging technology. Both are fine provided […]

Oppo Reno6 Pro: Short videos made easy

If you’ve watched the China version of Running Man called Keep Running, Oppo is a name you’d be highly familiar with. As one of the show’s sponsors, its ads are placed throughout each episode. For that, Oppo has certainly achieved […]

Meatless meats, healthy alternatives

Alternative meats are gaining greater visibility as more brands start rolling out their versions of the products. Besides being environmentally friendly, they are claimed to be healthier and do not compromise on taste. Being a true carnivore, I am a […]

Exploring Taipei: Tamsui – More than just the food!

I’d previously done a post on Tamsui, and in this blog post, I’d like to talk about the journey there. Bear in mind, the destination this time isn’t just Tamsui Old Street but rather Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf. From Taipei City, […]


One of the most majestic places you can visit in Taiwan is the Taroko Gorge. As one of the nine national parks across Taiwan, this park is so large that it spans over various counties including Taichung, Nantou and Hualien. […]

Does the issue of having multiple cables annoy you?

Word has it that the European Union is looking to standardize charging ports to USB-C – and if you think about it, it is about time that manufacturers start looking at this problem. Aside from the annoying number of cables […]

It’s a(bao)t to get Bao-werful

If you’ve been to Hualien, you’ve probably heard of the famous 公正包子 (Gong Zheng Bao Zi). It’s so popular that it has a whopping 14,000 reviews on Google alone! I’ve tried out the buns on multiple occasions, and I had to try […]

Amorecookies – A Chewy Affair

Instagram ads can be somewhat bothersome sometimes, but the fact is we can see these ads because we fit their target group. Let’s just say that the ads worked for these cookies I’m talking about today. Amorecookies is a Singapore-based […]

TAIPEI FINDS: Mi Yue Mochi Tang (米玥麻糬堂)

Mochi comes in many forms – some classify mochi as muah-chee (where it’s a flour ball coated with stuff), or there’s mochi that has filling inside. Hailing from Taichung, Mi Yue Mochi Tang opened a store in Taipei City earlier […]

Dr.Kitchen’s SBB – the blackest brownies ever

We previously covered a review of some really delicious brownies, and as we go on to the another brownie review, here’s a local gem that we’ve uncovered. Dr.Kitchen, a home bakery, offers a variety of desserts such as brownies, fruit […]


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