Made in Singapore – The Singapore Salad: CNY Yu Sheng Edition

As Chinese New Year approaches, many of us must’ve started figuring out our feasting plans. While we are limited by the number of houses we can visit and the number of unique visitors per household, I still believe that this season is one that we can all enjoy together – over food (of course).

Yu Sheng (or lo-hei) is such an integral part of our Chinese New Year tradition here in Singapore that I’m sure many of us eagerly anticipate it. While many restaurants and shops provide Yu Sheng, I’d like to introduce The Singapore Salad: CNY Yu Sheng Edition, which was recently released by Backyard Productions.

The CNY Yu Sheng Edition of the Singapore Salad includes a bag of locally grown Singapore greens, smoked barramundi, red radish, kale, and Crusty’s soy skin crisp. Chef Haikal Johari, a local Michelin-star chef, created the sauce just for this dish.

While this may not appear to be your typical Yu Sheng, it did contain the essential ingredients: colourful vegetables, raw fish, sweet and tangy sauce, and crunchy garnishes. We could tell the difference when I ‘lo-hei’ed’ this entire plate of goodies — there weren’t any shredded carrots or salt and pepper, but it was still a good toss.

The Singapore Salad: Yu Sheng Edition Toss

The Singapore salad with kale and red radish was crunchy and refreshing to the taste. The sauce was delicious! I was worried that the sauce would be insufficient, but the vegetables were delicious when combined with the sauce, smoked barramundi, and soy skin crisps (crunchy taukee).

This Yu Sheng version of the Singapore salad appealed to me since I knew all of the ingredients were sourced from local farms. These local farmers are constrained by Singapore’s resources, but they’ve done an excellent job of cultivating our local crops. So, as we continue to keep our lo-hei tradition in Singapore, we can do so with pride and joy thanks to this local product.

Image credit: Backyard Productions

If you are keen on getting it, you can order a set here for S$30.80 or purchase it directly at XPACE Xupper Club @ 218 Pandan Loop from January 14 to February 15, 2022.

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