Just a quick list of some great shows!

Circuit breaker, Phase 1, and finally Phase 2. Singapore has evolved so much the past couple of months, and something I’m glad that I had throughout these few months is Netflix. 

Netflix has been really amazing, and here are some shows that I’d highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for exciting shows to watch. 

The Blacklist – A highly-sought after criminal unveils different criminals as he works closely with the FBI. Each episode has a pretty thrilling storyline, with an underlying suspense on his relationship with one of the FBI staff. This series that begun in 2013 just completed its seventh season, with the eighth slated to come in 2020.

I’d give it a solid 9/10 for its plot.

Fast and Furious 6, 7 and 8 – While the fast and furious series always has got to do with the crew capturing people or items while in their fast cars, each series highlights the significance of family, friends and relationships – which makes this series especially heart-warming at times.

I’d give it a 7.5/10 for its thrill and storyline, but the storyline is pretty much predictable so…

21 – Set in MIT, a student who needs $300,000 is tempted by his lecturer to join a team that spends their weekends at Vegas on.. taking chances. The story talks about how the humble student took the chance, made big bucks, lost two of his great friends due to his greed and how all the money got stolen from him. The plot really has many highs and lows, which makes it interesting, and at the same time, you could feel the emotions of the main character as you watched along.

I’d give it a 8/10 as it was an unusual story yet fun (most gambling-related movies are usually on adults, not so much on students!)

So here’s a quick brief on some of the hits I’ve found on Netflix this COVID-19 season. 

Hope everyone’s staying safe and well!

Samsung T5: No more storage woes

Light and lightning fast

Digital storage is so important in today’s world. With digitisation and digitalisation, many things are now stored in soft copy — from data and documents to photos and videos.

When my WD portable hard disk drive (HDD) started acting wonky last year, my heart began working overtime. My work, life and family stuff were all stored in that drive. Thankfully, my notebook computer had another set of the contents. Otherwise, I would have been in some hospital’s emergency ward.

Having survived the ordeal, I decided not to take any chance and began scouting for an alternative portable HDD. My search ended with the Samsung Portable SSD T5 (1TB), which I managed to buy from http://www.qoo10.sg. At S$169, it was a bargain that I could not pass up.

Guess what? After ordering the SSD, I managed to revive and reformat my old WD HDD and reload my data.

The new purchase has been in my drawer since September 2019. It was only when my daughter needed a storage device to transfer data to her new notebook that it saw the light of day. My daughter was highly impressed with its speed and portability so I simply had to check it out myself.

Here are five reasons why my storage woes are no more:

  1. Small and light. It’s so compact — smaller than a business card and weighing just 51 grammes. With a thickness of a fraction over one cm, it is a lightweight wonder that can be easily handled and brought around.
  2. Lightning fast. Actually, I don’t know how fast a lightning is but the Samsung Portable SSD T5 transfers at up to 540MB/s, nearly five times faster than most portable hard disk drives. My 17GB Outlook file took under a minute to copy. As a matter of reference, it used to take more than 10 minutes with my old portable HDD.
  3. Very safe. With no moving parts, the aluminum-clad SSD offers peace of mind. I’m safe in teh knowledge that it can handle up to drops from two metres.
  4. Lovely colours. My 1TB version comes in bronze colour while the 250GB and 500GB models are said to have an alluring blue body.
  5. Easy connectivity. The box packs two cables — USB C to USB C cable and USB C to USB A cable — so the T5 can connect to a wide range of devices.

In conclusion, I think the Samsung Portable SSD T5 is nifty storage device that fits lots of lifestyle — whether it’s for work, travel, photography, or as a video library. The price can vary quite a bit (it currently lists for S$100 more than what I paid for) depending on when you buy and where you buy from. My suggestion is to keep a lookout for good deals during shopping seasons, which these days, feel like every other week.

Rating: 4/5

Cool respite for hot days

The P9S was listed as a Xiaomi cordless remote control foldable stand fan

Think of portable fans and what comes to mind? Those that you can hold in your hands? Cute but not entirely functional? I’ve been blessed to have one of such portable fans which can be held in the hand or placed on a stand, is cute and very functional. It’s the So-love N-9 which I love so much but is now used by one of my daughters.

When a friend posted on Facebook that he had bought a portable fan that can be extended to one-metre tall, I was intrigued.

A quick check online saw the fan listed as a Xiaomi cordless remote control foldable stand fan. There’s no Xiaomi branding on it but I guess it could be because it probably looks like something from the China lifestyle device maker.

I read the specs, reviews and price and decided to give it a shot. At S$36.90 (without delivery), I figured it was a low risk bet.

The recessed area at the front is great for putting a smartphone or a pair of spectacles.

The Qoo10 order arrived the next day and I could see why it was described as a Xiaomi brand. With its all-white body, the fan looks like most Xiaomi devices.

Setting up was easy. No manual was needed. It’s just a case of plug and play. The P9S is about the size of a short stack of dessert plates.

It unfolds easily and can sit nicely on the table or be extended to stand unobstrusively on the floor.

Standing tall

Here are seven reasons why I really like this portable standing fan:

  1. Practical. With its ability to extend from 41 to 106cm, the fan is so versatile and can be used anywhere in the house or outside. The fan head can be tilted up to 180 degrees.
  2. Portable. It really lives up to its name. The P9S is so portable that it can fit in a backpack and be brought around and used anywhere.
  3. Powerful. In most cases, portability comes with a price. The smaller the device, the less powerful it is. But this fan has the right balance of portability and power. It comes with four fan speeds — soft wind, cool wind, strong wind, and natural wind. Admittedly, the fan can be a tad noisy at its most powerful setting.
  4. Painless. If moving to the fan to adjust settings is a pain, the P9S provides the perfect anesthestic. The bluetooth remote control lets the fan be controlled from up to five metres away.
  5. Precise. A timer lets you set the duration you want the fan to be on.
  6. Protective. The fan will deactivate when an object jams the blades, ensuring that no one gets hurt from any accidental poking at the blades.
  7. Priced right. At S$36.90, the fan is a little pricey when compared with hand-held models but it is better compared with desk and standing fans.

Charging is via a USB-C. It takes about 5.5 hours to be fully charged but can last up to a day of use depending on fan speed.

Easy to clean

Perhaps the clincher for me is the ease of cleaning. Just twist the cover and unscrew the fan blade cap and the parts can be easily washed.

The price varies depending on where you order from. From my research, I won’t pay anything above S$40 inclusive of shipping.

After using it for three weeks, I’d recommend it to anyone needing some cool respite for hot and humid days.

Rating: 4/5

Too easy a buy from Ezbuy!

The circuit breaker period has just ended, and as we enter Phase 1, many shops and businesses have still not been given the green light to reopen. The lack of outdoor shopping, coupled with the fact that many of us are staying off, has resulted in, let’s say, many unnecessary online shopping sprees. I personally have started using Ezbuy once more for my shopping sprees and in today’s article, I’d like to discuss some of the pros and cons on getting items via this platform.

Fantastic prices on Ezbuy

Pros –

  1. It’s an English Taobao site! Taobao is known for its unbeatable deals, and while Ezbuy does not necessarily have the same kind of deals, it has quite frequent deals compared to the likes of Amazon.sg, Shopee and Qoo10 (all still good sites too). For the same chair I got on Qoo10 at $24.90, one can get the chair at $12 on Ezbuy. That’s half the price! I’ll talk about shipping cost later.
  2. Ezbuy Prime gives you the option of getting deliveries to Singapore for $2.99 per checked-out cart. Membership is $99 a year, but if you’re looking to buy big ticket items (sofas/cupboards/bed frames), a $99 shipping fee is honestly quite low. If you’re sharing the account with a family member, it is even more worth-it. Considering that shipment is from China, and Ezbuy staff consolidate and ship all your items together, the subsequent $2.99 is incredibly low.
  3. You are also able to buy items from local stores and from the US. Items that are not available in Singapore can be easily found on the US site as well. Looking for Oreo cereals? Try Ezbuy!
  4. Collection of items is easy as well, with the Ezbuy van frequently spotted around the estates across Singapore. Once your parcel has reached Singapore, you’ll be notified to arrange for delivery – and you can get your parcel as early as two days from the time it reaches Singapore. Do note that the Ezbuy van only comes at specific times, so be sure to be at the collection spot on time!

Cons –

  1. Duration of delivery can be long. When you purchase an item on Ezbuy, Ezbuy sends out the order to each of the merchants you buy from. All your items are then consolidated and sent over in a shipment – either air or sea. Lighter items tend to be flown in while bulkier items come in by sea (hence the longer delivery). I’ve had orders cancelled because of the lack of merchant response, and it was disappointing – but not something Ezbuy could handle.
  2. Quality check and returns are done by Ezbuy, but unobvious errors (like a small stain on a corner of a shirt) can go missed. An aftersales ticket can be created if returns are necessary – but you can imagine the long refund process considering that you’re going through a middleman.

If you’re looking for fantastic deals, and do are not worried about delivery duration, why not try Ezbuy! My experience with them is pretty good and I’ll gladly recommend this shopping platform. Just.. try not to buy too much 😉

Rating: 4/5