Pendulumic Tact T1: A wireless wonder

Pendulumic? Who’s that? Pendulumic Tact T1 boxWhat’s that? That was what went through my mind when I first heard of the brand Pendulumic. I had absolutely no clue what it is or does. And my daughter was getting one because of a fire sale. She too didn’t know much about it other than the fact that the wireless headset costs US$199 and had pretty good customer feedback on Amazon.

Even a check on its website and elsewhere did not reveal much about its origins. Admittedly, it has garnered a bunch of good reviews from even notable sites like CNET.

When it arrived, the packaging looks professional and solid. At least, it looks like the Pendulumic Tach T1 is worth US$199.

My first task was to satisfy my curiosity on its origin. I found what I was looking for in very fine print at the bottom of the box — “Designed by Pendulumic in Singapore. Made in China.”

Pendulumic Tact T1 headsetSo, this is a local brand and as a Singaporean, I’m proud of it. The headset has a leatherette feel and is brown in colour, giving it a timeless, rustic look.

My daughter got it hooked up to my Google Pixel smartphone via bluetooth in a jiffy so it scores on ease of pairing.

When I put it on, the ear pads fitted comfortably on my ears — I can imagine using this on my next flight. I can still hear noise from elsewhere but it’s fine with me because I don’t like to be totally cut off either.

The sound is good. OK, I’m no audiophile but I think it sounded nice.

Pendulumic Tact T1 insideHere are five things that I like about the headset:

  1. Ease of connection. Setting up is a breeze and the headset’s connectivity is good too.
  2. Good battery life. The 25 hours of use on a single charge is perfect even for long haul flights. Plus, the Pendulumic Tach T1 also comes with a AAA backup battery, which kicks in when the lithium battery is drained.
  3. Timeless design. I simply love the design. I’m no fan of brown colour but somehow, it makes the headset look premium and timeless. Another little thing that may not be important to others but captured my attention was the printing of L and R (above) on the inside of the ear pads. There’s no need to guess which goes where anymore.
  4. Volume control. The volume control dial looks like a watch dial and is conveniently positioned behind the right ear pad.
  5. Wired convenience. This is especially useful for plugging into the air plane inflight entertainment system.

The Pendulumic Tach T1 offers a touch of class and is value for money. It can give many of the more expensive brands a run for its money.

The sad thing is that the company seems to be shutting down. Amazon still lists the product but there’s no price or availability. And Pendulumic’s own website shows that the products are “out of stock”.

It’s a real shame because the product is good. I’m just glad that I own one — it’s a collector’s item!

Victorinox: A penknife for every occasion

Victorinox yellowEver tried to pull open a pack of snacks in a hotel room? Or attempted to open a well-taped parcel while on the road? Many of us would have had encountered these or similar occasions while travelling. It’s at times like these that a penknife would come in handy. And when it comes to penknives, Victorinox is top of the heap!

The Swiss company began way back in 1884 and was named after the founder’s mother plus the word “inox”, a shortened form of the French term for stainless steel.

Inspired by Enid Blyton and Alfred Hitchcock stories of investigators as a young boy, I’ve been carrying penknives since I was in my primary school. I don’t think that’s a wise thing to do these days with all the security scare but back then, it was the thrill of adventure and being prepared for any contingency.

This love for the penknife (and torchlight for that matter) has stayed with me throughout my adulthood.

In my travels for both work and play, I always carry a Victorinox penknife with me. You just never know when you might need one. I’ve used one for more than a decade and it’s still as good as new.

It has been used to open snack packages, slice boxes, tighten loose screws, and yes, saved me mouth discomfort many times with its toothpick.

Having benefitted much from this nifty gadget, I decided to buy the Victorinox Classic for my friends.

Victorinox blue.jpgAvailable in several colours, it comes with seven features:

  1. key ring
  2. pen knife
  3. screwdriver
  4. nail file
  5. tweezer
  6. toothpick
  7. scissors

The Victorinox is a little pricey at more than S$20 (the price differs from shop to site) but it’s a worthwhile investment and a handy travel companion.