Easy nail clipping

LED Nail Clippers with Magnifying Glass.jpgOn my trip to Don Quijote in Osaka, one of the products that caught my attention was a LED nail clipper with magnifying glass.

It was one of a handful of products among the large number straddled over the building that got me to give a second look.

The challenge was that it was located on the door of the cashier’s counter so I had to ease out of the way a few times while the cashier moved in and out of her counter.

But, the clipper was too interesting to skip. It came with a LED light so that one can clip nail even in poor lighting condition or at night. It also had a magnifying glass so that one can get a better view while cutting nail.

After deliberating for a bit, mainly because of the 1,450-yen price tag, I decided to get two — one to use and the other as a gift.

Before using it, I had to pop in two batteries for the LED light.

The clipper is easy to use, sharp and the light and magnifying glass makes it perfect for those who’ve crossed the 40-mark.

As a bonus, there’s a file at the base of the clipper to smoothen the clipped nail.

Overall, it’s a good buy. If you’re interested, you can get it at Don Quijote Online.

A million items in one shop

Don Quijote in Dotonburi
Don Quijote in Dotonburi

Singaporeans greeted the opening of Don Quijote in Singapore with frenzy early this month. It was named Don Don Donki to avoid confusion with a restaurant bearing the same name.

Not one who enjoys shoving with the crowd, I decided to give it a miss.

A week later, I was in Japan and there were Don Quijote outlets in various places that I visited. I found time to spend a bit longer at two of their outlets in Dotonburi in Osaka.

The shops are huge and packed to the brim, reminding me of Mustafa’s in Singapore. Spread over six or seven levels, the outlets offer lots of stuff — from clothing and bags to snacks and household appliances. It even has new and used branded goods — Coach, Louis Vuitton and the likes — for sale.

Perhaps the best part of shopping there is the tax-free on top of its low prices. That’s like having your cake and eating it. But, do be prepared to queue for the tax refund because the place is filled with tourists.

You win some, you lose some

Amazon Prime logoAmazon Prime was launched in Singapore to mixed response. While the local service was long awaited, the cost was the removal of free shipping for non-members from the US site.

Shoppers in Singapore used to enjoy free international shipping with a minimum order of US$125 under the Free AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping option.

To enjoy free shipping, they now have to pay a monthly of S$8.99. If you’re keen, there’s now a special promotional rate of S$2.99 per month.

Prime members will be eligible for free international shipping on orders above S$60 of more than five million items from Amazon’s US store, which will be made available on the Prime Now mobile app. They will also get unlimited streaming of Amazon Prime originals and free gaming services such as Twitch Prime

Picard cross-body bag: Perfect for travel

Picard cross-body bagBackpack? Sling bag? Cross-body bag? Picard calls it a mobile backpack and I simply love it!

I’ve been looking for a compact bag to bring with me on my travels. My criteria were:

  1. Decent price point
  2. Compact
  3. Stylish
  4. Usable and easily accessible pockets
  5. Hidden pockets
  6. Nylon zip

The compact and stylish Picard mobile backpack ticks all the right boxes. The price point was great because BHG was offering 30 percent off all men’s items.

As a frequent traveller, I appreciate the conveniently located pockets where I can stuff my necessities such as passport, boarding pass and credit cards.

Why nylon zip? I have dry skin which means that I can get cut easily. A nylon zip is kinder to the skin than the metal version which has been known to slice my flesh.

I brought the bag with me on my recent trip to the Philippines and it went everywhere with me.

On the plane, it takes up just a little space under the seat, leaving room to stretch my legs. It was also stuffed with a water bottle, snacks and a book without looking bloated.

While in the Philippines, I had to open my bag for security check whenever I enter a building — hotel or mall. All it takes is just a swivel to bring the bag from back to front and voila, the main zip can be easily opened for checking.

Verdict: This bag is perfect for travel.

You may get it at Picard Singapore or wait for another BHG sale.