It starts with a thought…

Grey box.jpgWhen do we start thinking of buying something? Well, it could be the need to buy a present for someone for a special occasion, such as birthday or Christmas. Or maybe you’ve read about a new product that got you excited (think the latest smartphone launch). It may even be just the desire to pamper yourself.

It’s OK. We buy things for different reasons but whatever that reason is, it’s important to put on the thinking cap. After all, if we have to give something, then make it so memorable that the recipient will squeal with delight and remember you for life for the right reasons. And if it’s for yourself, well, it’s even more important because you don’t want to splash the cash without considering all options.

So, buying starts with a thought.

The next step is to consider the recipient. What do they like? What do they enjoy doing? What excites them? What do they need?

For self, it’s easier because there is always a reason, or like we say, 101 reasons to buy something. It can be…

  • A reward to self (just to make yourself feel good)
  • A need to replace a particular item (like a worn out pair of shoes or clothing)
  • A desire for something new (like the latest gadgets)
  • A need for something (like a jacket for winter travelling)
  • A hobby item (think bicycle and yoga mat)
  • A response to the latest email promotion or Facebook ad (like that new Kickstarter project)

As you can see, there are many reasons but each starts with a thought stimulated by our senses — usually our eyes and ears.

Now that we’ve established the line of thinking, our next post will be about the search. How do we start our search? Where do we search? Stay tuned.


Why 101 Reasons?

GiftsIt’s been a long time coming and we’ve finally gotten down to doing this. But, the final push factor was when we were looking for a pair of shoes.

Only after an extensive search — trawling the company’s website plus lots more — did we find out that that range is no longer in production. This may sound surprising as the Internet is supposed to be a goldmine of information of anything under the sun. But it’s a true experience that has prompted me to take this step. There could be someone else facing the same challenge as us — and spending as much time to boot.

The 101 Reasons blog is intended to share our experience on our journey in buying things — why we buy them (we always seem to have 101 reasons) and our experience in using them.

Happy reading!